Blind Wave Drawings with Sputnik Seaweed

Blind drawing involves continuously looking at the subject without glancing back to the sketch itself. This series of sculptural paper works is based ocean surfaces of the New England coast. Codium fragile, a seaweed that has an invasive status on the East Coast, was gathered from the beaches processed into paper pulp, drawn with, and allowed to dry organically.



Oyster Thief Series

For this group of 14 wall sculptures, I harvested Codium fragile from the ocean beaches of Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts. Codium fragile is an invasive seaweed species commonly found on the East Coast of the United States. It degrades native eel grass, which provide shellfish beds. The seaweed fiber is processed into a paper pulp, and allowed to dry into irregular, dimensional forms. Finally, the forms are dipped into beeswax and bonded together.


Little Harbor Beach Studies

Presented in a series of 4 works. Little Harbor Beach Studies are a response to Codium fragile, an invasive seaweed species in Buzzard’s Bay and Cape Cod, and how it accumulates on beaches in ropy masses. It has an interesting property that when exposed to sun, it bleaches to almost white. These are squares of seaweed papyrus presented on handmade flax paper, and sewn with linen thread, raw flax threads, and beeswax.

Little Harbor Beach Studies, Handmade Paper, Codium Fragile Papyrus, Linen Thread, Beeswax, 11”x14”, 2017