Ebb and Flow II

A collaborative installation with Megan Singleton, based on watershed maps and flora of Narragansett Bay, and incorporating non-native plant species, including shoreline plants, freshwater and marine aquatics. To the left is a taxonomy of the plants used, created by laser-cutting vector drawings of the plant silhouette from handmade paper made from the collected plant fiber.

Megan Singleton and May Babcock, Ebb and Flow II, Handmade Paper Pulp from Abaca, Cotton, Japanese Knotweed, Phragmites australis, Eurasian water-milfoil, Variable Milfoil, Inflated Bladderwort, Codium fragile, Heterosiphonia japonica, laser-cut handmade paper, 20ft x 14ft, 2017

Installed at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown Arts Initiative (BAI) Annual Mural, Brown University, Providence, RI


Ebb and Flow

A collaborative installation by Megan Singleton and May Babcock. Based on watershed maps of the Missouri, Mississippi, and Blackstone Rivers, and incorporating Mississippi River Mud and American Lotus.

Megan Singleton and May Babcock, Ebb and Flow, Handmade Paper Pulp from Mississippi River Mud, Abaca, Cotton, American Lotus, 25 ft x 12ft, 2016

Installed at the Springfield Art Association M.G. Nelson Family Gallery, Springfield, IL



A collaborative handmade paper triptych by Megan Singleton and May Babcock. Inspired by the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and using materials gathered from the site, including river mud and maple roots.

Megan Singleton and May Babcock, Confluence, Handmade Paper Pulp from Mississippi River Mud, Sand, Abaca, Cotton, Maple Tree Roots, Triptych 8’ X 6‘, 2016