Workshop at Snow Farm Craft Program, Aug. 1-4, 2019 - Papermaking, Cyanotype, Casting

Celebrate natural forms and fibers by hand making big and small papers from seaweed, pondweed, and traditional fibers with Nepalese and Western styles. Then, "print" plant forms and foraged materials with cyanotype - a simple, beautiful, alternative photographic process resulting in cyan-blue images. Also, work with found objects to create castings and dipped paper sculptures. Build a supply of unique handmade papers or realize your art in pulp. Beginners welcome!

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Ebb and Flow VI, Lockport IL

Ebb and Flow VI is on view as part of unLOCK: Merging Art and Industry in Downtown Lockport, an NEA Our Town project where Megan Singleton and I were selected public artists.

Based on the Des Plaines watershed map and invasive plant species in Lockport, this collaborative installation explores the local landscape through the medium of papermaking—at once a historical handcraft and industrial technology. The sculptural lines of dark green paper pulp depict the shape of the Des Plaines Watershed. This site specific work is accompanied by cyanotype contact prints of invasive plants impacting the ecology of the watershed. Cyanotype is a historical photographic process that was developed in 1842. We chose this process to convey the parallel developments in engineering and technology happening across the globe during the time period of the construction of the Gaylord Building, I&M Canal, and city planning of Lockport.

Gaylord Building
200 W. 8th Street, Lockport IL