The Mind’s Eye: Natural Places in Paper

The Mind's Eye: Natural Places in Paper started as a commissioned public art project that involved nearly 200 Rhode Island seniors and CareLink staff members in the creation of handmade paper books during the summer of 2017.

Inspired by natural places, this project uses paper pulp made from local plants to create circular book pages. Seniors and staff are asked to think of outdoor places they have been, and something they enjoyed about their natural place, and create ‘paper pulp paintings’ in response. Their memory can be as simple as the ocean water surface, trees in full bloom, or the perfect blue sky. I also collect their writings recollecting or sharing their natural place. Pulp paintings are artworks that are made entirely of paper, by applying different colored pulps.

Once the paper is dry, I print their writings on select pages, and hand-bind the papers into the books. The books are suspended, and displayed in a modular, portable format, allowing the artwork to be displayed in many locations and spaces. This mobile public artwork is also interactive—viewers are invited to lift the pages to read the writings and view the pulp paintings.

The Mind’s Eye: Natural Places in Paper, 25 Books each with 20 handmade paper pulp paintings, with paper fiber made from from linen rag, cotton, Japanese knotweed, Codium fragile, and corn husk. Each book 7 in. x ¼ in. Installation approx. 7ft x 2ft x 6ft.



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