The Mind’s Eye: Natural Places in Paper
CareLink 20th Anniversary Mobile Public Art Project

The Mind's Eye: Natural Places in Paper is a public art project that involved nearly 200 Rhode Island seniors and CareLink staff members in the creation of handmade paper books, inspired by natural places and featuring their writings. Displayed in a modular, portable format, this artwork is traveling to many public locations in Rhode Island.

The Mind’s Eye: Natural Places in Paper, 25 Books each with 20 handmade paper pulp paintings, inkjet, with paper fiber made from from linen rag, cotton, Japanese knotweed, Codium fragile, and corn husk. Each book 7 in. x ¼ in. Installation approx. 7ft x 2ft x 6ft. 2017



One Step at a TimePawtucket Times, July 2017
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